Tramadol Overnight

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Name of the Drug and its medicinal forms –

Tramadol is the name of a generic drug. This drug is also available by other brand names (like Ultram) that are available in the US market.
Forms/dosage – 50mg, 100mg, 200mg, 300mg and 150mg. It is also available in immediate-release and prolonged-release tablets form.

Therapeutic Indications –

Tramadol is a treatment for moderate and severe pain conditions.

Method of Administration –

The dose of Tramadol should be administered in such a way that the intensity of pain can be suppressed without harming the human system. You can use the lowest effective dose for the analgesic treatment of pain.

In general, Tramadol is an oral dose that will be adjusted in the following way –

For adults and children above the age of 12 –:

Acute condition of pain –

The starting dose of Tramadol for moderate and acute pain conditions will be between 50mg to 100mg. This will further depend upon the intensity of pain that the person shall be going through. Each dose can be given at an interval of 4 to 6 hours. The maximum dose of Tramadol in a day shall not exceed above 400mg.

Also, remember that Tramadol is an opioid medication that makes it a strong dose for the treatment of pain. Doctors will prescribe for Tramadol when other non-opioid medications are not effective enough on the pain.

Chronic condition of pain –

A patient must start with the lowest dose, i.e., 50mg. Later, your doctor will increase it as per the pain severity to achieve the best outcome of the drug. Note that these are intended as the recommended doses and must be taken as per the guidelines.

Patients should take the lowest dose that is effective and helps in controlling the pain. As said above, the dose must not be increased above 400mg/day except than in some clinical circumstances. The need for continuing with the treatment of Tramadol will be a sign that the person is becoming addicted to its use.

Thus, take proper guidance from a health expert prior to the use of the medication.

Do not chew or crush the tablets of Tramadol in any form. Take the tablet as a whole and follow the guidelines that your doctor prescribes. The long-term use of Tramadol may incur the severity of illness. Be careful and do not use the drug without monitoring it with the health advisor.

The patients who have a condition of renal or hepatic insufficiency, the elimination of Tramadol from the system, may take a bit long. For such patients, the dosage should be considered according to the requirement. If the condition is severe, you must be taking even a single of Tramadol, or there will be severe side effects to occur.

Contraindications –

Use of Tramadol is contraindicated in the following ways –

For using it as a treatment for narcotic withdrawal.
In case of hypersensitivity or any of the other excipients.
For patients with epilepsy, the treatment may not be adequately controlled.
For patients who took MAO inhibitor within the last 14 days.
In the case of acute toxicity due to opioids, alcohol, hypnotics, or other psychotropic medications.

Warning and precautions before the use of Oxycontin –

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Interaction with other medicines –

Effect on Fertility, lactation or pregnancy –
Undesirable effect –