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Privacy Policy

Online procurement of medicine can be a quite useful and easy method of getting the dose delivered to your doorstep. Although many pharmacies make claims of providing the best and top-notch medication to you when it comes to enforcing them in the day to day scenario, not many websites and online pharmacies can live up to the expectations of the consumers.

However, amidst all these, mexicanpills.us offers a platform that allows you to buy most of the medicines online without the slightest of hassles. The website has a detailed and quite flexible privacy policy which ensures that the firm shall protect the confidentiality of the customers. The site is governed by the privacy policies laid down by the government, and this ensures that all the guidelines in respect of consumer protection shall be complied with.

Confidentiality of the customer

The website ensures that you shall not take any pains while ordering the medicines using the internet. The privacy of the customer is always given the topmost priority as the website ensures that none of the personal information of the customer shall be collected without his permission. It is because of this reason that the website will ask you for your permission before collecting any of your information and if you choose to deny it, the required information shall not be collected.

Moreover, if the customer provides some information to the website, we shall make sure to protect it and not share it with a third party. You can rely on us with your information as we have a strict privacy policy under which all the data offered by the customer is encrypted immediately so that unwanted sources can not use it. We do not save sensitive information like the credentials of the buyer, which is yet another piece of evidence of our credibility and efficiency.

Priority to the consent of the user

We believe that every user expects to remain safe while browsing any website, and it is because of this reason that it becomes our responsibility to make him feel protected. At the site, you shall find out that all the essential information passes through top-notch encryption which not only allows you to remain assured of your privacy but at the same time, allows the firm to live up to the claims and promises made to their customers.

However, it becomes the responsibility of the customer to provide the firm with accurate and up to date information as that shall allow us to provide you with timely and quality services. In case, the consumer fails to provide us with the necessary knowledge, and he has to suffer inconvenience because of it, the firm shall not take any responsibility. We also ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, but that is not mandatory. You shall get emails from us if you wish to subscribe to it.

On the whole, the website ensures to give importance to the privacy of its customers which is one of the primary reasons for its success and popularity.