Welcome to Mexican Pills


What is the procedure to place your order?

People who are new to our website may not know the procedure by which they can place an order. The steps are easy and do not take much time. All you need to do is choose a product(s) from the options that appear on the screen. After selecting it, go to the cart and confirm your order from there. It will redirect you to the checkout page where you can choose the payment option as per your requirement.

What is the reason that your medicines are low in cost?

The medicines that we sell are low in cost due to many reasons. We do not waste our time and money on advertisements or banners for our website. Also, we do not need a place or an outlet to sell our products. This eventually saves our money which does not need to imply our products.

How do you maintain the quality of the product at such low prices?

As said above, we do not need an outlet to display our products. It saves a lot of money such as electricity expenses and so. When we do not have to spend money on these extra expenses, we provide the consumers with the best quality drug. The manufacturers from where we get these products are legalized and have government authority to produce the drug. Hence, you need to worry about the quality of the medicines that we sell.

In what way the product will be delivered to us?

The products will be delivered to your very doorstep. We have our courier partners like – FedEx, US Postal and so. These are some of the most trusted services in terms of product delivery. People need not worry about this, their order will reach them on time without any hassle.

What is the packaging of the product?

We believe in customer satisfaction and for this, we work to the fullest. The product is neatly maintained and kept inside the package that will be delivered to you. We do acre your privacy and so we do not mention your personal details on the outer side of the package. Customized packaging is also available for customers to needs and requirements.

What about the authorization of the website?

We hold the right to sell products online legally without any interference from third-party sites. Our website works keeping in mind the guidelines provided by the government.

Can I buy a product without its prescription?

Although it is not advisable for patients to buy a drug without having a prescription, you may still buy it from our site. Taking a drug without having a proper prescription from a health expert might affect your health.

Will I be able to change my location after placing the order?

Yes, you may change the location of your shipping address after placing the order. This option is only available until your order is not confirmed. It further means that once you are finally placed, you won’t be able to change the delivery address.