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Online pharmacy stores and websites have a separate privacy policy for themselves which is designed keeping in mind the requirement of the consumer and the organizational framework. A privacy policy is integral in deciding the course of activities that is adopted by a company.

However, a privacy policy is ineffective without the presence of a disclaimer. A disclaimer is a legal document that also defines the boundaries of a company’s activity. In the present times, different companies have different methods of working, and it is because of this reason that it becomes essential to define it beforehand so that it helps the customer to know about the company in great detail.

Warranty disclaimer

The following document shall contain all the appropriate warranty disclaimers from the seller, which must be accepted by the buyer before he begins to transact with the website. Upon the agreement to the disclaimer, the consumer shall agree to all the policies of the website.

The purpose of the warranty disclaimer is to specify the boundaries of the business and limit the liability of the author in the transaction. The term ‘author’ here means the pharmacy which is conducting the business. In this case, the name of the author is the pharmacy ‘mexicanpills.us.’ You must read all the terms and conditions of the author before dealing with the author and the website. If you feel that you are not ready to be bound to any terms and conditions, you are free to leave the site, and there shall be no information collected by the website.

Medical advice disclaimer

The site would like its users to know that it deals in pharmaceutical products and provides services regarding home delivery of medicines. However, the site does not take responsibility for the information displayed regarding the medication, and it is because of this reason that none of the data must be trusted without the advice of a medical professional.

None of the information displayed on the website is to educate the customer and is just for brief understanding. The website does not intend to replace the services of a medical professional or a pharmacist and is created with the sole aim of making it easy for the customers to deliver the medicines.

Information disclaimer

Moreover, the website also suggests you cross-check the information that you find on the platform and ask your doctor to vouch for it. This is because of the reason that the website contains information that is uploaded from a generic perspective and when it comes to taking the medicines, you must always trust a medical professional who shall give you the drugs based on your physical condition and medical history.

The information contained on the website is not the personal views of the author, and it is for this reason that no customer can hold the author responsible for any of the opinions presented on the platform. Also, the website is open to the general public, so, you can find views of the general public for which the site is not responsible.